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Advanced Ad Search and Filtering

Quickly discover highly profitable campaigns using advanced searching and filtering:

Offers: Discover what offers are working best. Enter then domain of an offer you’re interested in and learn what images, ad copies, and targeting targeting is working best!

Ad Copy: Search for keywords in the title, body, and URL of ads. This is useful to quickly discover ads in your target niche, as well as learn what words are overused in ad copies, and will likely result in disapprovals or bans. Adopt, then adapt; make sure you're always creating trends and earning top dollar.

Profile Data: Search by Gender, Age, Relationship Status, and Country of a profile. Discover high performing ads that best match your target audience.

Ad Data: Search by the number of times an ad has been seen, when the ad was first seen, and when it was most recently seen. Use this information to deduct which ads have historically performed the best, and identify trends in how ad copy and images are changing to maintain and increase ROI.

Ad Copies displayed with every associated Image

Other social intelligence tools simply display a large list of ads, which is often cluttered with a myriad of duplicates, making it difficult to understand the best performing image/ad copy combination.

AdsOpted shows you ever image an advertiser has used for a specific ad copy, the number of times each image has been displayed, and even lets you filter the data by country to more clearly understand what image/ad copy works best in each market. Easily understand the optimization method used by other advertisers so you can adopt, adapt, and out compete.

With 1 click you can even download every image from an ad, and choose to alter the image (size, flip etc) before downloading to prevent bans/disapprovals from using duplicate or unwanted images.

Folders for quick Bookmarking & Analysis

Create folders to bookmark ads of a similar market. Ads contained in a folder are displayed in a table, allowing you to sort ads by data and determine which ad is the most profitable. Ads can be saved in multiple folders, allowing you to more granularly compare ads against different ad banks.

Example: In the image to the right, I have created a folder for Male Dating (English). Every ad in this view has been assigned the folder "Dating - Male - English," but may also be saved in other folders. The folder view displays a quick stats snapshot containing: Number of Times the ad has been seen, date range of the ad, gender ratio, and average age of accounts that saw the ad. Quickly sort the ads in this folder by oldest ad, frequency of ad, and total number of times seen.

Detailed Ad Statistics

Click on an ad to learn more about it’s performance over time. For ads shown in multiple countries, you can filter the data to only display information on the countries you are interested in. Our interactive graphs show you:

  1. Demographic: age and gender
  2. Occurrence time line: See the overall volume of an ad by date range, or hover over a specific date to see how many times the ad was seen on that date. Quickly discover trends on days of the week that work best for specific niches and your target audience!
  3. Images: Number of times each image has been displayed with associated ad copy
  4. Profile Data: Relationship Status, Education Level, Geographic Map.
  5. URLS: View every URL as displayed on the social network, and ever associated click-through, or “final” URL. Quickly understand how advertisers are switching offers, testing landing pages by date and # of occurrences.